Fused glass art


Known for her ‘Hope-on-Trent’ collection, floral designs, and silhouettes, Claire’s style is exciting, vibrant and imaginative. She offers everything from panel art, to suncatchers, free standing waves and small glass ornaments.

Claire Bashford: Fused Glass Artist

OBear & Bones sells Fused Glass Art and gifts designed and kilnformed in my garden studio. Always colorful, my art is handcrafted, multi-medium and inspired my nature and the Cheshire & Staffordshire countryside. I also love to create bespoke pieces for customers and enjoy working with them to bring their ideas to life.

I only use the highest quality Bullseye Glass in my work, which offers a wonderful myriad of colors and unlimited possibilities!

My love of glass started with a glass painting kit as a child and developed throughout the years. I then learnt the skills needed during a number of Fused Glass courses with an inspirational local artist who taught me all I needed to know. Whilst making a little red fox in a class, I knew there was no going back and that I needed to pursue this further, purchasing a kiln, developing my own style and creating my work.

I was fortunate enough to take part in a business Start—up scheme, beinspired, at Staffordshire University and finally launched my business in 2019. I have continued to work with other small businesses formed in the cohort to help my business grow. This experience was invaluable in helping me realise my dream – and giving life to OBear and Bones, named using the nicknames of my two children, my daily inspirations!